Lansing City Council discusses variety of issues during regular meeting

by B.J. Tomlinson

During its regular meeting Monday night, October 6, the Lansing City Council discussed a Parks Board suggestion to offer the public an option to reserve the Mt. Hosmer shelter for a free-will donation. Reservations would be made through the City Clerk’s Office. City Clerk Katie Becker said the plan would require the Clerk’s office to keep a separate calendar and financial records. Mayor Mike Brennan said he would discuss the issue with the Parks Board.
Lansing residents Vicki Watson and Rollin Larimer addressed the Council regarding use of golf carts within the City limits, wondering how to get approval. They said several other towns have approved the practice and that the vehicles are a great convenience, especially to older residents. Mayor Brennan said this has been discussed in the past but has never been approved because of safety issues. He added  that the State would not allow usage on Main Street, South Front Street or Second Street, and the carts could not be used in the winter. Brennan instructed the Street Committee to look into the matter further.
The Council reviewed a building permit request for Paul Manning, 542 Main Street, to move two temporary structures onto his property for use as a car port. Although the Council had no objections, final approval was contingent upon the results of the special permit process, which requires notices to be sent to all neighbors within 300 feet. If no objections are received, Manning’s request will be approved.
Mayor Brennan reported he has received an email from City Attorney Rick Zahasky related to a request from a resident to designate a parking area in front of his house as a handicapped space. Zahasky said the City has no obligation to add the space. Mayor Brennan said the City is in compliance with Federal ADA requirements and no further spaces are required. After further discussion, the Council voted to deny the request.
The Council set October 20 as the public hearing date for the submittal of a Community Development Block Grant for the City of Lansing Water and Sewer improvements project.
In other business, the Council reviewed and approved Resolution #855, a subdivision request from Daryl Bolson. The Council also approved a propane bid from Fauser Energy for $1.38 per gallon, down eleven cents from last year. Strub Blacktopping was awarded a contract for asphalt repairs on North Third, North Fourth and North Sixth Streets for a total of $38,800. The Council also approved a winter storage agreement with S&S Marina.
Street Superintendent Jerry Aperans and the Council discussed a recent complaint that the burn pile is “not being used for its intended purpose.'  This is the second complaint the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has received, and if there is another one, the burn pile will be closed. Mayor Brennan said something needs to be done, but an efficient layout plan needs to be created first.