An open letter to the Superintendent of Effigy Mounds National Monument

Dear Sir,
The last telephone conversation we had took place several weeks ago. Something you stated on that particular occasion has been bothering me since. I had asked you basically “When would all of the illegally constructed, resource damaging, ugly plastic wood boardwalks and other obtrusive junk be removed from the ancient landscape of our national monument?”
Your response was such politically correct “government-speak” I was appalled by the message. You stated something to the effect, “...we will have to wait several years for a budget increase to appropriate money to do a trails management draft plan.” Also stating in so many words, “We would have to solicit agency review, tribal input along with public comments.”
Seriously?  After at least four million dollars (that we can track), a decade of criminal waste, fraud and abuse, damage to the cultural and natural resources of the park the agency was placed in charge of, that is the official response?
The NPS has cleansed itself of the criminal wrong doers, with career parachutes of federal retirement pensions and other benefits. Not one individual was held responsible for these federal crimes. Not the folks at Effigy Mounds, the regional office nor at the top in Washington, that let all this criminal damage take place.
Here is what I propose, as all of the building frenzy that damaged our little park did not take years of special budget appropriations nor all the hoops that you are now proposing: I propose that NPS Director Jon Jarvis fast track appropriate funds to clean up Effigy Mounds National Monument, immediately. He should take what ever taxpayer monies that are delegated to the Midwest Regional annual budget of the NPS and right off the top appropriate a decided fund to get the “clean-up” done. We all know this can be done. Lets stop dragging our bureaucratic feet.
The prehistoric landscape is scarred and blighted. I and others will not rest until all the junk is physically removed. As I have stated earlier, I will volunteer to help remove this garbage and help heal the park to it’s pre-Ewing/Sinclair era condition.

Timothy Mason
for Friends of Effigy Mounds