Word for Word

by Rev. Tom Buresh

I have two things I would like to talk about in the “Word for Word” article this week.  First and foremost, all the planning for the community meal served on September 29 was well worth it.  I am sure everyone who attended would like to thank the committee for all the work they did and also thank the congregation of Zion UCC for preparing and serving the food.  Also to be thanked is the First Presbyterian congregation for their hospitality and for providing a place to serve the meal.
Many reasons could and probably will be given for why this meal is important for the community surrounding Waukon.  As I entered the dining hall, went through the line, sat and ate the meal and visited with many people as we were leaving, the food was good, but the fellowship was better. (Members of Zion, please take that as a compliment that you were a close second to the fellowship.) As an example, my wife, Connie, and I sat down across from two individuals whom I knew one and Connie neither one. We had a wonderful conversation that would not have happened if this event had not taken place.  
So, once again, thank you to all involved in this, the first of what we hope will be many community meals in the future. If you have a group of individuals who might want to serve some month, contact Karen Carlton.
The other item to mention comes in the form of a lesson for all of us, I hope. As I was driving on the nice, new, smooth Highway 9 west of Cresco the other day, I was following three other cars. There was a semi behind me and all of a sudden a car came flying past me that had passed the semi and continued to pass the three cars ahead of me at the next opportunity. After that, the semi passed me and all the vehicles ahead of me increased their speed, following the lead car.
Why do we do that? Just because someone else is doing something, even though wrong, and we think we can get away with it too, we follow suit. The lesson is certainly for all of us to look at our lives and follow those individuals or follow doing things that are pleasing to God. (Like serving a community meal.)
Some of you may be wondering if I went a little faster that day. Well, I must admit I did for a couple miles, but after reading this article written by such a wise pastor, I won’t do it again.