Letter to the Editor: Community Meal a positive experience

To the Editor:
I attended the first one of the Community Meals at First Presbyterian Church, and what a positive experience it was. My first thought upon hearing of it was that it was only for people who were unable to afford a meal, but no, it is an event where anyone can freely drop in.
I agree, along with the organizers of this event, that this is what our community needs.
What most excites me about these meal gatherings is how they will benefit our local churches by bringing church goers together to work for a common cause. We really need more unity among our churches.
We have such an array of great churches in our area; it seems the time has come for us to appreciate them.
We can sit in out churches and we can criticize the congregation down the street for not having what we believe is the right doctrine, or we can come to the Community Meal, meet someone from another church and discover a new friendship.
We Christians talk about seeing the Holy Spirit move; well, this is one way it can happen.
Many thanks to the core group of clergy and other leaders who introduced the idea of these meals. I think that you people really “got something going” and I can’t wait to see the good that comes out of it.

Arthur Clocksin