Letter to the Editor: Bullying policy not being enforced

To the Editor:
I think we need to take a close look at our schools. When schools preach about their “No Bullying Policy” and fail to follow through with it, we need to look into why. If students are still allowed to bully and humiliate other students without consequences because of who they are, what their last names are or who their parents are, we are sending a strong message of  “this policy does not apply to you,” and we are failing as a community for allowing this to happen.
Something needs to be done about this before another young life is taken. I feel cell phones should not be allowed in schools. A change needs to happen now. When parents feel compelled to drive their children 20-plus miles to a different community to go to school because of what’s going on in their own school, there should definitely be cause for concern.

Carmen Lee