Lansing City Council approves adding stop signs to Valley Street

by B.J. Tomlinson

The Lansing City Council met in regular session Monday night, November 3. Councilman Dick Roeder reported the Street Committee  recommends the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Valley and South Fourth Streets. He said the intersection would become a three-way stop, with additional “stop ahead” signs on Valley Street and a “stop line”  at an appropriate spot in front of the South Fourth Street sign. The Council approved the stop sign recommendation.  
Mayor Mike Brennan and the Council discussed  communication issues with the Marina Board. Council members agreed there is confusion about how decisions are made and implemented. Brennan is asking the Marina Board to clarify its administrative structure, report monthly to the Council and appoint an individual to serve as a liaison between the Council and the Marina Board.  
 Street Superintendent Jerry Aperans said the City burn pile has been cleaned up and a fencing plan is being discussed.  
Heath Draeger, People Service representative, presented bids for an alarm dialer at the Wall Street lift station. After discussing the options, the Council approved a bid from Automatic Systems for $3,990.00 to install a four-channel alarm dialer which is capable of calling up to eight different numbers. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) previously recommended the City install such a dialer. The Council also discussed last year’s freezing issue at 409 S. Front Street and how to avoid future problems. After discussion, Draeger was instructed to consult with WHKS Engineering for recommendations on where to install a holding tank. The Council will review the plan at the next Council meeting.
Mayor Brennan reported the in-kind portion of the ACCF grant for Sports Complex improvements amounted to $17,000 and was provided by Alliant Energy and its partners. Brennan said the new scoreboard is in storage and will be installed next spring.
In other business, the Council approved a request from Ron Hogan to trap beavers at the marina.