Letter to the Editor: Get their act together

To the Editor:

A week ago from the day I am writing this letter, Armistice Day, November 11, we had an election and it went pretty much conservative, which I like. My concern is that it could be too late - the liberals have broken us morally and financially. Too many bottom feeders and not enough producers and taxpayers, and the last six years have been terrible.

The new people in power better get their act together quick. I believe we would have avoided this mess if we had term limits and a balanced budget amendment. They have been talking about border closing, we should be like every other sovereign country. We are fighting wars overseas and spending billions of dollars, and we don't have secure borders at home here. One of these days we will wake up to a terrorist attack that could really turn our fragile economy upside down.

When the liberals took the Bible and Ten Commandments out of everything, our schools, our public places, our money, prayer at school ballgames, etc., that's when the devil walked in and our country has been in steady decline. That needs to be turned around, God is the best resort to becoming a great nation again.

Take a serious look at the various scandals as of late - the VA scandal, IRS, gun trafficking, Bengazi, voter fraud and more. No wonder Congress can get nothing done, always having to investigate these crooks. They are all lawyers and they lie like a rug.

Congress can now repeal all burdensome laws, like Obamacare. All their benefits; they should start living like we do, with the same healthcare. A 2,700-page health law, you know that's a fraud. Congress has its own healthcare law. Maybe, just maybe, Joni Ernst could draw up a law that would eliminate some or all of the unnecessary benefits Congress gets. Make them squeal, Joni, and make them live like the rest of us.

Plenty more to talk about, enough for now. Please straighten me out where I'm wrong. No swear words, please.


Kindest regards and God bless America,

Ozzie Quandahl