Letter to the Editor: Highly entertained by “Anything Goes”

To the editor:

Last night (November 8) Waukon was treated to a voyage of high seas entertainment from the cast and crew of “Anything Goes.” Leading the way was hands on hips and attitude forward Sarah Gruman as Reno Sweeney.  She sparkled as she belted out the best of Cole Porter.

Adam Gruman shined as the chameleon Billy Crocker, changing costume and identity as he pursued the lovely Hope Harcourt played sweetly by Leah Riese. Dolan Jones and Alexis Bahr were the perfect wanna-be mobster Moonface Martin and his “mol” Bonnie.

The stuffy clueless Sir Eveyln Oakleigh was portrayed by a great “nose in the air” Matt Hoins. Zach Troendle careened about the ship wonderfully as the blustery bewildered E.J. Whitney.  Nathan Smith was an anchor to the mayhem as the captain of the S.S. America.

Reno’s Angels Courtney Hansen, Katelyn Leiran, and Mattison Pladsen were a cute spritely trio adding pizazz to all the scenes.

Special mention to Aaron Sherman, Pastor Duane Smith, Morgan Van Ruler and Carley Sweeney delivering great character roles.

And the dancing…   Yikes.  It takes guts and stamina to tap and “jazz left” downstage center in front for the home town folks. Well done and Bravo. A peppy pit kept the syncopated tunes sharp and crisp.

A few throw away lines, machine gun deliveries, and up-stage asides didn’t mar this well put together production. Director Sarah Schacherer and production crew, Bryce Muenchow, Kadie Smith, Emily Brown, Shawn Gordon, and Adam Hansen gave the audience plenty of spots to laugh, giggle, and applaud.  

Superintendent Herold, Principal Diercks, and the school board are to be commended for their support of this vital part of arts education.


Russ Hagen