Letter to the Editor: Get America’s wheels turning again

To the editor:

Last week, President Obama spoke on TV with his plan for immigration, bypassed the Congress like a bully; much like he pushed the 2,700-page health bill through. Mr. Gruber, the formulator of the health bill, called the American people stupid. For once he told the truth, but not all Americans are stupid, just the bottom feeders.

When will the taxpaying citizens of the USA learn that every government program is a failure or disappointment. Look at Social Security - 15% of the young people’s wages goes to Social Security, and they may never see a penny of it. Look at our postal system, our rail system; all are being mismanaged.

I hope you will watch FOX news for real news.

Also recently, Mr. Grassley praised Mr. Harkin for his service to Iowa and the country. Mr. Grassley, you are a farce. Harkin wanted to repeal the Right to Work law in Iowa. Also, he was the determining vote on small locker plants regarding a law that would prevent the small locker plants from going interstate with their meat products.

I personally would like to have him investigated by the crooked IRS. Where did his millions come from?

We need term limits and a balanced budget. Vote out all the old goats on both sides of the aisle, get America’s wheels turning again.


Kindest regards

and God Bless,

Ozzie Quandahl