And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, Editor Emeritus

... that sometimes I wonder why we fought the Revolutionary War and broke from Great Britain.
Given reasons include the excessive taxation without representation imposed by King George, and the desire to be rid of monarchial rule by the royal families.
Since the general election in November, it sometimes appears little has changed for residents of the once united but now divided states in America.
There is much speculation that there could be another Bush-Clinton presidential campaign for 2016.
Are they our current royal families?
There has been a Bush or a Clinton involved in a presidential run every election since 1980 except for the last one, in 2012.
Some of runs have been successful. George H.W. Bush won a term. Bill Clinton won twice. George W. Bush also won twice. So there have been 20 years of either a Bush or Clinton presidency.
England had the House of Tudor, the House of Stuart and the House of Hanover pretty much in succession. Are we penciled in to either the House of Bush or the House of Clinton? Can’t somebody with a different name play this game?
Add to that the fact that we have a president who at times seems to believe he was elected king, not president, and is taxing in more ways than one, so what have we really escaped in escaping from Great Britain?
Speaking of politics, I watched with some interest to see if the Sunday TV news panel shows would give the same degree of coverage to the shooting of those two New York police officers by a black man as they did the shooting of the black man in Missouri by a white police officer and the death of another black man at the hands of a police officer in New York in previous weeks. They did not.
And there were no riots and no cases of arson to cars or buildings.
The New York officers were members of minority groups which also have a history of mistreatment in America. One was Hispanic, and members of that group historically have been hired for temporary jobs and stoop labor, often housed in substandard houses. One was of Chinese ancestry, and the history of that group includes relegation to laundries and work as gandy dancers.
While the other two killings involved uncertain circumstances, there was no doubt in the slaying of the police officers, and the killer is also dead.
The president issued a brief statement while on vacation in Hawaii. Eric Holder didn’t visit the scene. Sharpton wasn’t there. Jackson wasn’t there. The ACLU wasn’t represented. The veep did speak at the first funeral.
I did see one sign among the mourners: “Cops’ lives matter, too!”

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