Letter to the Editor: Wildlife should be managed by neutral personnel

To the Editor:
Deer and vehicle collisions are at record numbers. High deep populations have caused fatalities, people shot during hunting seasons, property damage and increases in insurance rates.
You cannot drive in early mornings or evenings without high risk of a deer collision. It’s like this because deer are purposefully managed to be at high populations to satisfy a minority of zealots who find fun in killing, wounding and causing misery to another species.
None of this is done for “need.” Wildlife should be managed by neutral personnel (or even animal rights activists) instead of by avid hunters and trappers as it now is. For more information on this, see www.all-creatures.org/cash.
This letter is not against the Second Amendment.
Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s we didn’t have four vehicle-deer collisions every 24 hours in the county and there was little or no deer “hunting” at that time.

Herman Lenz