Restore Hearing Aid Center, LLC opens new office in Waukon

Jayson Fierstine

The Restore Hearing Aid Center opened an office January 15 at 16 Allamakee Street in Waukon. The proprietor, Hearing Instrument Specialist Jayson Fierstine, says that he chose the Waukon location to bring better hearing to area residents because its close to his current residence in Monona.
Fierstine says that the goal of the Restore Hearing Aid Center is to help people improve their lives through better hearing and that he achieves that by using his knowledge and expertise to make better hearing possible. "Better hearing is possible with great local service," he said. "A lot of other places sell hearing aids, but you come to see me for better hearing."
A licensed hearing aid dispenser in both South Dakota and Iowa since 2004, Fierstine grew up in Manchester and graduated from West Delaware High School. He has two children, a ten-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son, and a dog named Kinzie.
"I always wanted the challenge of owning my own business," Fierstine said. "I knew with the challenge there would also be rewards." He added that foremost among those rewards is the positive feedback from patients when they realize how much better their lives are with better hearing.
The Restore Hearing Aid Center in Waukon is open Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., but Fierstine says he hopes to increase open hours and hire a secretary in order to help as many people in the Waukon area as he can. For more information, call 888-563-8234 or visit