Letter to the Editor: Crude oil tarrif could help fight ISIS, Iran

To the Editor:
I propose a tariff on foreign crude oil and petroleum distillates that we import and is transported by tanker ships from overseas sources. However, Canada and Mexico, our NAFTA partners, should be exempt from the tariff. This tariff could expire in May 2017.
Saudi Arabia has ramped up their production of crude oil in order to flood the world market and drive down the price of crude oil. This they have done because of their  fear of Iran and ISIS. The lower price reduces crude oil revenues for Iran and Isis and so also their power.
What could our crude oil tariff be? Seven dollars a barrel, five dollars a barrel or $n a barrel. The United States must have wise diplomacy with Saudi Arabia to determine this. A crude oil tariff by the United States would help Saudi Arabia resist the encroachments of Iran and ISIS.

Bruce Palmer