Letter to the Editor: Are basic American values being ignored?

To the Editor:
I was recently talking with my 5th grade granddaughter about our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and country. It troubled me to learn that her class seldom recites either.
As an elementary school student and citizen I was taught, and recited it every morning as school began and we did it with our hands over our hearts. We also learned our national anthem. We continued to better understand and appreciate more of what each of these meant as we matured. Patriotism, respect, support of country and dedication to these United States just for starters.
Are we becoming so jaded by the dance of political correctness that these basic American values are being diminished and ignored? As adults, it’s imperative that we guide our youth to instill the highest civic values and respect for this country.  Talk to your kids.  You might be glad you did when they’re running it some day.

Gene Averhoff