Letter to the Editor: Deer herds managed to provide live targets

To the Editor:
If the deer are dying off from some disease, that would be the best thing that could happen to them. It would stop the “vehicle vs. deer” crashes that have killed some motorists and cyclists, and stop that invasion of armed strangers and vehicles stopped on the traveled portion of the roads, turning around and speeding back and forth every hunting season, and stop their shooting into property without permission, which endangers humans, pets and livestock. The hunting community thinks the above are worthy sacrifices for their game of killing, wounding and causing misery.
I remember a time when we didn’t have a “high deer population,” and we didn’t have the above hazards and misery. Those deer herds are managed in such a way as to have plenty of live targets.
This letter is no attack on gun ownership. The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is found 125-300 words into the Declaration of Independence and it has nothing to do with “sport hunting.”
Call your State Senator and tell him/her to vote against that hunter-initiated bill to allow silencers/noise suppressors on guns. If legalized, they could shoot into your property without your knowing it. Silencers would be a big help to hit men and contract killers.

Herman Lenz