Letter to the Editor: GOP is the party of war

The the Editor:
I see GOP Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is still trying to crucify President Obama for a tragic shooting from a young illegal immigrant who Grassley said that the president let stay in this  country because he might have been born here. How very absurd, Obama didn’t know this man any more than Republican Chuck Grassley or any other member of the GOP party did.
Has Senator Grassley lost his mind and again forgotten what his party did for the invasion of Iraq and the torture of human beings, and that they are guilty of war crimes and he has done nothing about it? Let’s not forget, some of the GOP had a meeting on the first Inauguration night when President Obama was sworn in to make sure Obama and his administration failed.
Mr. Grassley and Steven King of Iowa have made some very wild statements to get some air time on Fox to please the right wing. The Fox news channel has turned out to be the whipping post for anyone the GOP wishes to trash and they pretty much worked heart and soul for the Iraq war and are now carrying the water again for more war. Like I said many times before, they are the party of war.

Pat Ward