The Bottom Line

by State Senator Mike Breitbach

As I mentioned last week, our committee work is winding down and we are spending more time in the Senate Chamber debating bills. Contrary to what you might think, most of the bills moving forward are fairly non-controversial and pass through the Senate on a 50–0 vote. We also have bills passing on a 26-24 party line vote. When these bills pass the Senate they are sent to the House for its consideration. Many of these bills will not make it to the floor of the House and will basically be dead for the year.
I am disappointed about the “non-action” on education bills in conference committee. A bill which just passed the House, after nine hours of debate, would open up rules with regard to collective bargaining. I don’t believe this will be taken up in the Senate, but with this bill passing in the House, maybe the conference committee will move forward on the matters at hand.
A bill I proposed passed the Senate Wednesday and now moves on to the House. It is a simple bill which reduces the required number of continuing education hours for barbers. Many people feel we have too much government in our lives and this is a small step toward reducing that involvement while still protecting the public. Contact me at or you can call me at 563-920-7399.