Letter to the Editor: Am I the only one who wants to know?

To the Editor:
How can a man who has been legally dead start receiving mail again? I have not had mail for Dale since he passed away (March 2011) until this past fall and now all of a sudden he is getting letters from both political parties and from every senior program you can name. Places are even urging him to sign petitions to save Social Security. And even a few phone calls have asked for “Mister...” and then they stumble over the last name.
I have returned a lot of these letters with “Deceased” printed across the top, but they still keep coming. I have now decided to save my ink and stamp and just put those letters in the recycle bin. Perhaps it will save a tree if it is recycled.
I pray he doesn’t vote on any issues, don’t you?
Another question: how can you register your phone so you will not receive these harassing phone calls, especially on Sunday, and still have them call you?
And one last question: why do they (whoever they are) insist that we need to change the clock every spring and fall? My body fails to rally to it. Is it because I am in the 80s now and I’m becoming a cranky old lady?
Am I the only one who has an inquiring mind and wants to know?

Bea Hoofnagle