Letter to the Editor: Easter is a counterfeit

To the Editor:
This year the greater part of the population of the world will celebrate Easter, the day after the celebration of Passover. It is rare for the two celebrations to be so close together. Sometimes they are as much as a month apart.
So what is the difference? Easter dates back as far as Babylon. Perhaps you remember hearing of the Tower of Babylon dated back to Genesis eleven where Yahweh came down from heaven and confused a lot of people with different languages.
Easter is of pagan heathen origin. The spelling has changed from “Austron” (the goddess of dawn, who was worshipped at the spring equinox), to “Easter,” which means “to shine.” Eastre is the Teutonic goddess of light and spring. Astarte is a title of Beltis, the queen of heaven. Her name can be found on Assyrian monuments. Ishtar, one of the goddesses of Babylon, is known in other nations as Ashera. There are others also, most of which are pronounced “Easter” and all are of sun worship, none of which have anything whatsoever to do with Passover. There is nothing in the Bible about how to celebrate Easter.
Incense was burned, dough was kneaded to make cakes for her (Ishtar) and drink offerings were made to her. Rabbits and other animals are symbols of fertility, as are eggs. The Orphic egg was held in all paganistic religions of the world. Greece, Egypt, Persia, Phoenicia, Babylon, Japan.
Easter, the goddess of dawn, was worshipped at the dawning of the sun. Does that sound familiar? Hot cross buns (or boun, sacred cakes) were made of fine flour and honey.
Yahweh ordered the Israelites to offer neither leaven nor honey in any offering made by fire to Him (Leviticus 2:11). Hot cross buns or cakes were marked with a cross, which is a symbol for woman.
Pagans were to offer a pig at the festival to Demeter, the queen of heaven. The pig was sacred to goddess Demeter, the corn goddess of fertility. The heathens believed that by eating what represented and embodied their god, a pig, they were actually eating of their god.Yahweh says in Leviticus 11:7 that we are not to either touch or eat a dead pig. Ham is dead pig. Bon appetit.
Lent is also of pagan origins and is of the Babylonians and Egypt. The gods Adonis and Osiris.
The Israelites wept for Tammuz. They were worshipping a pagan heathen god. Yahweh told the Israelites not to mix with heathen pagan gods. They did and paid dearly for it.
Christianity is half pagan heathen worship, half of Yahweh, Yashua, Holy Spirit. We are going to pay dearly for worshipping false gods or sun worship. It has already started. Yahweh is a jealous god and will not share our worship with other gods. We must repent from our sinful ways.
There is so much more. I have just skimmed the surface.

Nanferd and Judy Felke