Three EACSD Board of Directors members up for re-election in September School Board elections

by Susan Cantine-Maxson

The Eastern Allamakee Community School District (EACSD) Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting Monday, June 15. In new business, the Board reviewed and approved the food service and registration fees for the 2015-16 school year. Book fees will remain the same as the current year.
The food service charges will increase slightly for the upcoming school year. Breakfast will cost $1.65, lunch will be $2.35 and adult lunch meals will be $3.40. Juniors and seniors will also have the option of paying a small fee for insurance for the laptop computers they will be issued as Kee High School begins its 1:1 Initiative.
Board approvals at the meeting included the following:
Awarding Fauser Oil the bid for LP oil for next year;
Renewing the bus barn lease agreement;
Allowing an overnight trip for the Kee softball  team for the Don Bosco Tournament July 3-4. The school covers the costs for the coach’s hotel room and transportation for the team;
Contracting with Patrick Sullivan as the varsity boys basketball coach. He will also be the grades 6-12 art teacher;
Authorizing  payment of bills throughJune 30, 2015.

Superintendent Dr. Dale Crozier asked the Board to consider an option which would allow Keystone AEA to hire Dave Ellefson as one of its technical staff. He would still continue to work full time in the Eastern Allamakee Community School District in that same capacity, but would have more opportunities to network with other technology professionals. Keystone would pay his salary and the EACSD would purchase his services back from Keystone. This arrangement will be beneficial for Ellefson for professional growth and for the district in terms of costs. Crozier will ask for approval for this arrangement in July.
Superintendent Crozier presented board members with certificates thanking them and recognizing their service to the Board. Three board members will be up for re-election this fall, including Bruce Palmborg in District 2, Bobbi Goetzinger in District 1 and Kelli Mudderman as an At-Large candidate. All indicated that they would be interested in running for their positions again. Any others who are interested in running should contact Board Secretary Janet Heiderscheit for more information. Nomination papers need to be filed by July 31 and the election is September 8.
New Albin Elementary School Principal Chad Steckel reported that the elementary summer school is going well. Students are working on literacy and math. Another session will be held in July.
Kee High School Principal Mary Hogan reported that the secondary summer school is also going well. The administration has been finishing up State reports.
Hogan presented the Board with a calendar which showed how the new school day starting and ending times would result in approximately 1,164 hours of instructional time, which gives the district a cushion of several hours to use for educational hours and items such as school trips, participation in sports, etc. In addition, the new schedule will allow for more collaboration time at the secondary level and more instructional time at the elementary level. Letters have been sent home explaining the change.