STOP! Four-way stop now in place at intersection of Old Stage Road and Old Highway 9

Two stop signs and four sets of rumble strips were added to the intersection of Old Stage Road and Old Highway 9 west of Waukon Friday, August 7 to create a four-way stop at that intersection in an effort to make it safer than it has proven to be. The Allamakee County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Monday, July 20 to make the intersection a four-way stop after years of listening to citizen safety concerns about the intersection. Of particular concern was the lack of visibility to the west for northbound traffic on Old Stage Road due to trees on private property at the southwest corner of the intersection, as well as rolling landscape. While the additional stop signs don’t correct the visibility problem, the Board has expressed hope that the change will make drivers more aware and give everyone a fair chance of getting safely through the intersection. Other recent safety improvements at the intersection improved visibility for southbound traffic by clearing trees and the ditch along the north half of the intersection. Additional signage was also added to raise motorist awareness as they approached the intersection. “This is one more thing to help on the side of safety,” said Supervisor Dennis Koenig.