Iowa Cattlemen's Assoc. supports Country of Origin Labeling Repeal

At this week’s Iowa Cattle Industry Convention, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) members adopted new policy supporting a full repeal of Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling.
ICA currently has three policy-making committees that deal with legislative or regulatory issues and work to recommend policy for the ICA. These committees are all chaired by volunteers who are knowledgeable about the issues and have a strong desire to improve the environment for the Iowa cattle industry.

Members of the Beef Products policy committee sent a strong message to congressional members on Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling. The language below was adopted by membership at the convention.
WHEREAS, mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) on meat products has been implemented in the U.S.; and  WHEREAS, there are concerns that the current COOL policy has been challenged by World Trade Organization (WTO) members and major trading partners of U.S. beef. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association support full repeal of the current Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling legislation.
Members of the Beef Products committee voted unanimously to remove the existing Country of Origin Labeling policy that supported a voluntary program before adopting the new policy.
“Our previous Country of Origin Labeling policy was adopted in light of the 2014 WTO ruling that found the U.S. out of compliance with its trading partners. At that time our members felt a voluntary program that exempted producers from program expenses was a good fit. Now we recognized that a full repeal is our only option,” said Justin Rowe, Committee Chair.
The new policy was adopted at the ICA Annual Meeting Wednesday, December 9. Members of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association reviewed 47 policies during the annual event for consideration to renew, expire, or adopt. Newly adopted policies focused on the Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Iowa Beef Checkoff, and Chicago Mercantile Exchange Feeder Cattle Index.