Denise Becker Attends Grinnell Mutual Farm Academy

Denise Becker of Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency in Lansing participated in Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company’s annual Farm Academy February 16-19. Becker joined 26 other agents from throughout the Midwest to learn more about farm insurance coverages, services and Grinnell Mutual’s operations in Grinnell. Academy participants also toured a local farm cooperative and implement dealership to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. Becker is pictured at right, receiving a certificate from Vice President of Direct Underwriting and Production Kurt Eaves for completing the Farm Academy. “The Farm Academy was designed to offer comprehensive training to agents committed to serving farm customers. It covers all aspects of writing farm insurance,” said Eaves. “As always, we had a great group of agents attend this program, and we hope this training session provided them with new knowledge and tools to serve farm accounts.” Submitted photo.