Waukon Middle School to present "Screenagers" and "Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone" on stage this Friday

Waukon Middle School is presenting its annual springtime production this Friday, March 18, bringing "Screenagers" and "Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone" to the stage of the Waukon High School Auditorium. The production begins at 7 p.m. and is written by Jim and Jane Jeffries.
In "Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone," the school play is brought to a halt when a cell phone comes up missing and one of the actors refuses to go on stage until she finds it. Through the attempted recreation of every move prior to the cell phone missing, more than just the phone's location is discovered, offering a humorous look at how gossip gets started and what it can lead to, and hopefully teaching some lessons along the way.
"Screenagers" offers a humorous look at how technology is shaping the way today's society socializes and communicates - or doesn't. The play delves into the world of teenagers to see how they navigate with or - gasp! - without technology.