VMH Lab offers walk-in Wellness Testing to community members

This is National Laboratory Week. The Veterans Memorial Hospital Laboratory staff has announced that beginning May 9, the week of National Hospital Week, they will begin offering wellness testing to the community.  Veterans Memorial Hospital has begun offering this service to help accommodate those individuals with rising health insurance premiums and deductibles that would forgo these important tests due to the cost.

Individuals now have the option from a menu of wellness tests during select hours.  While these tests do not take the place of regular medical care, they are a tool for patients to monitor their own health and wellness.

Anyone in the community will now be able to walk into the lab between the hours of 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. and request any of a number of tests, all without a physician’s order.  Results are then mailed to the individual within five business days.

The following blood tests are offered at a low, individual, out-of-pocket rate:  Cholesterol, Blood Sugar/Diabetes, Thyroid, Kidney Function, Uric Acid, Hemoglobin, Calcium, Liver Function, Vitamin D, Prostate Health, Potassium and Sodium.

Anyone interested in this service is asked to enter Veterans Memorial Hospital’s main entrance, stopping at the reception desk to register. The receptionist will provide a Community Wellness form. Individuals can then choose the test option(s) they would like to have performed. The results will be mailed to the individual to share with their medical provider if they wish.

For further information, call the Veterans Memorial Hospital Laboratory in Waukon at 563-568-3411 or visit the hospital’s website at www.veteransmemorialhospital.com to download the community wellness testing form.