Lansing City Council discusses upcoming ATV ride, bid to become final 2017 RAGBRAI stop

by B.J. Tomlinson

The Lansing City Council met in its regular session Monday night, August 15 addressing two issues that were postponed from the Council’s previous meeting. One was a request from organizers of the upcoming Bluff Country ATV ride to utilize Mt. Hosmer Park October 1 as part of an organized one-day event. Main Street Lansing Director Craig White said the group would be arriving in groups of 20-25 via South Road to Fourth Street, Center Street and Sixth Street, and that volunteers will be posted there for crossings. After discussion, the Council agreed to issue a one-day permit.

White also advised the Council that he has been lobbying with RAGBRAI officials to consider Lansing as the last stop on their 2017 annual bike ride across Iowa; he asked if the City would write a letter of support to include with the application, which is due at the end of August. After discussion, the Council approved the request and Mayor Mike Brennan said he would help complete the application.

The other issue postponed from the August 1 meeting was the New Albin police coverage contract. Mayor Brennan said he submitted the revised contract numbers to the New Albin City Council. Both Councils have agreed to have details worked out between each of the towns’ safety committees. A meeting between the two committees will be held in New Albin Monday at 6 p.m.

Police Chief Ed Stahl reported a quiet Fish Days celebration, advising there were no fights and no arrests. Stahl and the Council commended the City street crews for their excellent work.
People Service Representative Heath Draeger reported that well #2 near the pool was pulled due to leakages. He said there are several holes in the pipes,  the bearings are shot and that replacement options will need to be considered. He said this well has served for 20 years; the life expectancy of wells is 10 years. Draeger also said preliminary figures show that a new well would be more cost effective than repairs due to labor costs. The Council instructed Draeger to obtain cost estimates in regard to the well.

The Parks Board has asked that the Council review the procedure for the reimbursement of swimming suits and training costs for lifeguards. Mayor Brennan postponed action, pending the results of a comparison between the City of Lansing’s policy and those of other communities.

In other business, the Council accepted a bid of $250 from Tony Ernst for the old Crown Victoria squad car. The Council also approved the placement of a handicapped parking spot at 80 N Fourth Street.