Memorials recently received by Health Care Foundation

Memorials were recently received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation in memory of Kenny Fahey by Mae Jean Bakke, Ray and Mary Ann Burke, Bernard Welsh, Robert and Kristi Campbell, and family and friends of Kenny Fahey.

Memorials were also received in memory of Jim Walsh by Kay Carter, Patsy Kerndt and Dan and Sue Schlitter and in memory of Ed Knuppe by Carol Moe, Jeff Moe, Brian and Denise Wullner, and family and friends of Ed Knuppe.

In addition, memorials were received in memory of Gordon Marti by Carl and Joyce Thornton, Chester and Lorna Thune, Mae Jean Bakke and Dave and Laurie Martin.

Memorials are appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation. The Foundation is a 501C3 organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.  Memorials and donations can be sent to Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation, 40 First Street SE, Waukon, IA  52172.

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