Letter to the Editor: Trash talk

To the Editor:

I live along Highway 9 outside of Waukon and I am totally astonished at the amount of trash and garbage that appears along the highway at times, from the airport hill out to the recycling site on the highway. There has been anything from articles of clothing, broken kid’s toys, an ironing board, a small dresser, construction debris and some with nails, cardboard, blankets, pillows, a cement finish broom, styrofoam coolers, empty beer cartons, chunks of wood, a box of very used pots and pans, bags of unknown trash and the usual Christmas trees.

Come on people, if you know you loaded it and it isn’t there when you reach the recycling site or wherever you are going, it means you lost the trash or stuff along the way. I know many people utilize the site but if you lose your trash along the way, stop and pick it up. Tying it down or weighing it down will help, especially on windy days. I have stopped to remove stuff from the roadway so it doesn’t get hit.

If you care at all what our roadsides look like, take the time to stop and pick up stuff. For those who don’t care - shame on you! For those who do care - thank you!

Shirley Schulze

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