And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that the Klan is back, in a new guise.

Riots, on university campuses in particular, are being led by the new Klan. The old Ku Klux Klan pretty much disappeared nearly 100 years ago after being revived briefly by an early Hollywood movie. The members were recognized by the steps they took not to be recognized, that is, by wearing white robes and white cone-shaped headdresses.

But lots of local people knew who they were.

The new Klan calls itself “Black Bloc.” The name does not come from the skin color of its members, but rather from the step they have taken to avoid recognition, that is, wearing black clothing and black hooded masks.
But do locals know who they really are?

The black-clad anarchists at the Berkeley, CA campus did a great deal of damage. It was reported that they were influenced by a media message as well. They were not hindered by campus police. We were told some were arrested, but I have not seen any names. Who are they? Who employs them outside of the riots? What groups do they belong to?

When an ordinary plumber was made known at a Tea Party event a few years back, the “press” went to work and found out all about him, including how many days of school he missed in fifth grade! Where are the questions by the press after Berkeley? Are they afraid of what they might find out?

Iowa State reportedly avoided a similar threat of violence by requiring a high fee for added security. Would that be required before a speech by Jesse Jackson or Nancy Pelosi?

Shouldn’t the free expression of speech apply to both sides of a political position?

But, the world is increasingly full of ridiculous applications.

I wondered in passing if the highly respected organization of the Boy Scouts of America will have to change its name now that it has decided to accept members who are not really boys? And will Girl Scouts have to accept members who are not really girls? Maybe they can join and have just one group, called Whatever Scouts!

And on Groundhog Day, it occurred to me to wonder where PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) was? Isn’t it cruel and unusual treatment to rouse hibernating animals from their burrows just for the pleasure of humans and their dubious forecasting ability?
In all cases, let us just be consistent in our applications.

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