What's up at the FSA Office?

by Jeremy Leitz, Allamakee County Executive Director (563) 568-2148

Upcoming Deadlines and Important Dates
• May 15 - August 1: Primary Nesting Season - No Mid-Contract Management Activities on CRP acres
• July 15: Report All Spring-Seeded Crops   
• August 1: ARC/PLC Sign-up

Crop Reporting
With spring planting right around the corner, Allamakee county farmers are reminded to report all spring planted crops to the FSA office by July 15 to remain eligible for FSA and other USDA programs. Please remember to bring planting dates with you. It is the producer’s responsibility to accurately report acres and producer’s shares in individual crops. Discrepancies found later may affect eligibility for all FSA-administered programs.

County Office Committees
County committees play a vital role in the administration of federal farm programs. They make decisions on commodity price support loans, conservation programs, emergency/disaster programs, employing County Executive Directors and other significant agricultural issues with the USDA.

Members come from one of three pre-determined local administrative areas (LAAs). These areas are determined by many factors but include population, fair representation, and types of farming. Boundaries are reviewed annually.
LAA-1 is in the NW part of the county and includes Waterloo, Union City, Hanover, French Creek, Union Prairie, and Makee townships. LAA -2 is the southern portion of the county and includes Ludlow, Jefferson, Post, Franklin, Linton, and Fairview townships. LAA-3 is the NE part of the county and includes Iowa, Lansing, Center, La Fayette, Paint Creek, and Taylor townships.

An election is held each year on a rotational pattern. This year the election will occur in LAA2. To be eligible to serve you must participate or cooperate in a FSA program, be eligible to vote, and live in the LAA where you are nominated.

The nomination period will start June 15 and producers can nominate themselves or others. If you would like to run, or are nominated and agree to run, you will need to complete form FSA-669A, which you can pick up at our office or online at fsa.usda.gov/elections. All nominations must be postmarked or received in our office by August 1.

Election ballots are then mailed to eligible voters in the electing LAA beginning November 6 and are due back no later than December 4. All newly elected members take office January 1, and serve for three years, with a maximum of three terms. So if you reside in LAA-2, and would like to run, stop in after June 15 to pick up the nomination form and return it to us by August 1. If you have any questions, feel free to stop in or call.