Letter to the Editor: Confused on cancer awareness

To the Editor:

Yes, October is breast cancer awareness month.  However, there are so many other statistically sneakier gender-related cancers that are not talked about. I wonder if that’s because they are less likely to be noticed, even mentioned, or if it is because treatment is not always nearly as successful by the time those cancers are diagnosed.

I am referring to ovarian, uterine, cervical, testicular, prostate, to name a few gender-related cancers. The problem with most of those cancers is that they are more difficult to detect and are likely to involve much more expensive and extensive testing. Mammograms have become part of a regular wellness regimen for those who are adequately insured. And, that is becoming a key issue with our new administration and the healthcare coverage available.

Other cancers have just not gained the notoriety of breast cancer. Famous actresses or actors are less likely to talk about getting gutted than losing a breast or two. In my own case I now have a suspicious lump in a breast, which means little compared to the stage-three ovarian cancer that has taken away the life that I knew.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to redesign my life like the politicians are redesigning health care. Sorry state Officials, Representatives and Senators, this is not only about funding. It is about people and priorities. Cancer just happens to be an exclamation point.

Stay well,
Ann Gallagher
“Catfish Annie”

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