Letter to the Editor: Socialism is not the answer

To the Editor:

Jacob Galema still does not get it. Socialism does not work! That is the most important lesson of the 20th Century. Jacob only reiterates in his letter of September 27 what everyone knew, including me! He does not have to repeat it four times, I know he is a misguided sociailst.

Unfortunately, Jacob, like all the rest of those who believe as he does, resorts to personal attacks and personal destruction when they can’t win the argument with good ideas and plans. The Constitution is a pretty good rational for doing the right thing. Christian ethics are also a good rationale for doing the right thing. Our founding fathers knew that.

I would point out to Jacob that it was President Obama who first erroneously said that no one ever succeeded or accomplished anything on his own, implying that it would not have happened without the benefit and aid of the government. That could not be farther from the truth. That’s OK if he wants to ascribe that to Senator Warren, she is also wrong. The government never created anything except a huge 20 trillion dollar debt.

All of what has been accomplished in this country is due to hard work by individuals in the Capitalistic system - not Socialism - creating the strongest and wealthiest country in the world with the most individual freedom. The government has no way of creating wealth. Socialists will never understand that.

Jacob likes to quote “his facts,” mostly wrong. What he ignores is that the country has spent over 22 trillion dollars on the war on poverty. That is a pretty socialistic program. And we have more people in poverty now than in any time in history. Does he think that program has been a resounding success?

And Jacob happily repeats his diatribe promoting class warfare and class envy. He is really chomping at the bit to take from those who worked harder, or who have been smarter, to earn a better living than some other people. And he blames their successes on evil intentions or evil actions. I wonder why he hates the eight men - unidentified - to whom he refers. No one gave them their wealth - and certainly the government did not. And, more certainly, Socialism did not.

What resources is the oligarchy stealing from the poor and working classes? Jacob is annoyed about “rich, old, white men complaining about taxes.” He needs to learn exactly how much the wealthiest earners in the country actually pay in taxes. Of course, he will not do that because it will upset his preconceived notions that all wealthy people are evil.

Jacob claims he does not want freebies. I accept his declaration. The fact is that most people who think like he does really do want those freebies.

I would suggest to Jacob that he try living in one of the countries where he thinks that socialism is working really well. The majority of the people in the United States are really happy with the way our country is going.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry


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