Letter to the Editor: Truly a grand night

To the Editor:

Iowa was on display tonight at Waukon High. The best fair in the nation was the backdrop for family drama, high competition, forbidden love, and adventure in Des Moines. “State Fair,” the musical came to life after an 18-year hiatus educating a new generation to the delights of mincemeat and midway mischief.

Nathan Smith and Katelyn Leiran were perfectly parently as Abel and Melissa Frakes. Carley Sweeney had a sweet sway as Margy and Micah Treptau strutted confidence as young Wayne.  Oonagh Ahouse had great presence as the sassy torch singer Emily and Denzel Decker was fun to watch as the conflicted correspondent.  Special mention must be made of Ryan VanderVelden mugging and careening through his various characters.

Energetic dancing kept the entertainment rolling as the cast sang up a storm. It was all hands on deck to transform the clever set from farm to fair and back again. The ensemble made the most of the stage sans curtains.  A few opening night sound hiccups and pregnant pauses didn’t dampen the large crowd’s delight to see this classic Iowa musical.

Congratulations to Sarah Palmer, Louise Wild and Jo Ann Sherman for directing this nostalgic and fun evening. The Allamakee Community School Board and Administration is to be commended for promoting musical theater and continuing to bring this excellent educational opportunity to our children and students. It truly was a grand night for singing.

Russ Hagen


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