ISUEO-Allamakee County hosted Waukon Clover Kids ...

Playing the piano with bananas, or the bongos with carrots, or Pac Man with play dough are just some of the things Waukon Clover Kids learned about the magic of the Makey Makey and turning everyday items into a keyboard. The Makey Makey is a circuit board that uses alligator clips to send electrical signals to the computer. Anything that can conduct electricity can be connected to the clips, such as bananas, carrots, play dough, and even people. The Clover Kids substituted these items for the four arrow keys, space bar and click on the computer. Once they were grounded to the Makey Makey, they used different apps, such as the piano, to learn how electricity flows. The most important lesson was being “grounded” and holding the specific alligator clip or touching that person (as pictured both above and below). The Clover Kids also made their own marshmallow shooters out of craft sticks (pictured on the table in the photo above). Marshmallows were sent flying to see who could launch the farthest. For more information about 4-H and upcoming activities, contact Becky Rea at the Allamakee County Extension and Outreach Office at 563-568-6345 or Submitted photo.

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