Producers can learn how to file manure management plans online

Some 7,000 poultry and livestock producers who must file a manure management plan can now file their MMP electronically three years out of four.

Producers can learn how to “Save Money and Time - File your MMP Online,” at a 1 p.m., February 28 webinar.  Pre-register now on the DNR’s eMMP webpage.

DNR staff will discuss the benefits of online filing (including filing and paying fees from home, office or smart phone), creating a login ID, submitting the plan, paying fees and assigning rights to their consultants. Farmers and their consultants can file and pay fees for multiple plans at one time.

“One of the big benefits is eliminating the drive to county offices to get a signature in each county where manure will be applied,” said Ted Petersen, DNR supervisor. “If everyone uses the eMMP, DNR estimates the online solution will save driving at least 178,000 miles per year.”

Short webinar segments will cover how county staff and the public can use the eMMP application.

Filing online frees up county staff from signing plans, signing plan corrections and storing paper forms. Instead, counties will receive emailed notices when plans are completed.

Producers who prefer paper forms will still have that option.

Manure management plans are required of animal confinement (totally roofed) facilities with more than 500 animal units or 1,250 finishing hogs. The MMP records the planned amount of manure to be land applied based on nitrogen and phosphorus needs of upcoming crops.