“Allamakee Libraries Rock” Community Project hosted by county libraries and ACED

Allamakee County libraries, including Delores Tillinghast Memorial Library in Harpers Ferry, Meehan Memorial Lansing Public Library, New Albin Public Library, Postville Public Library, Waterville Public Library and Robey Memorial Library in Waukon, along with Allamakee County Economic Development, are hosting a new, fun activity for the whole community, entitled “Allamakee Libraries Rock” (ALR).

ALR is a fun way for individuals and their families or groups to share their creativity in the community by painting/decorating rocks with a positive message or image. Once a rock is decorated, it can be placed in a park, wayside, playground, nature trail, etc. for someone else to find. Follow the @Allamakeelibrariesrock Facebook page to post about rocks that have been hidden or found, and to see what others in the community are posting.

All are encouraged to participate by attending a Rock Painting program at their local library or by coordinating their own rock painting sessions. Individual libraries will be hosting programming throughout the summer, contact each for more programming details. “Libraries Rock!” is the nationwide Collaborative Summer Library Program  theme for 2018.

Here’s how it works:

1. Using acrylic paint, paint pens, permanent markers, nail polish etc. decorate a rock with a positive, up-building message or image. Let dry. (OPTIONAL: Apply a clear coat of polyurethane or similar product to make your image hold up to the weather.)
2. Write on the back of the rock: @Allamakeelibrariesrock or #Allamakeelibrariesrock
3. Individuals can take a photo of themselves finding a rock and/or hiding a rock and post it on the @Allamakeelibrariesrock Facebook page with hashtag #Allamakeelibrariesrock and #(your local library - For example: #RobeyMemorial-Waukon)
4. Keep or re-hide a rock that has been found.

Tips for participating:

• Hide rocks in outdoor areas in Allamakee County like a park, wayside, nature trail, playground, landscaped area, flower bed, etc. Avoid private property, mowed areas and walking paths.
• Make sure whoever finds or hides a rock is in the photo.
• To find rocks for painting: Rocks can be purchased or found (be sure to avoid private property or violating park rules when removing rocks). Rocks should be clean and dry before painting for best results.

Things to remember:

• All ages are welcome to participate; one is never too young or too old to be creative.
• Attend a rock painting program at a local library (contact a local library for program details).
• This is a family-friendly group, please keeps all images and messages positive.
• Get together with friends or a group to paint and distribute in the community.
• Remember that not everyone is on social media, so rocks may not be seen. Trust that a found creation accomplished its purpose and made someone’s day a little better.
• Social media posts will be approved by administration.

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