Reasons for starting own business have led to discovery of even greater rewards for Curtis Handyman Service

Curtis Handyman Service receives First Dollar Visit ... Curtis Handyman Service, a new business started this year by Curtis Dundee of Waukon, received a First Dollar Visit from the Waukon Chamber of Commerce recently. Pictured above at that First Dollar presentation are, left to right, Waukon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors member Sherrie Hunstad, Curtis Dundee of Curtis Handyman Service and Waukon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors member Dan Headington. Photo courtesy of Waukon Chamber of Commerce.

A combination of reasons brought Elkader native and current Waukon resident Curtis Dundee to the decision to start his own business recently. Helping other people, being more available to his own family and wanting to work for himself on a full-time basis resulted in the start of Curtis Handyman Service in January of this year.

Having lived and worked in the Waukon community for the past 13 years, Dundee said he noticed that a lot of the bigger contractors in the area were so busy that they seemed to have difficulty finding time to get to smaller projects that people needed done around their homes or businesses. “I am able to take care of the smaller jobs that people need done around their house,” he said.

After growing up in Elkader with two brothers and a sister in the home of their parents, Milo and Kate Dundee, graduation from high school took Dundee to Colorado for four years, two of which were spent wiring houses. He also spent six months in Alaska on a fish processing boat before finally settling in the Waukon area and creating a family with his wife, Mandee, and their children, Blain, Shania, Tristian and Alysia. The family also has three boxer dogs named Star, Diesel and LuLu.

In addition to all his reasons for wanting to start up his own handyman business, Dundee says he has found even more rewards in his quest. “Being able to talk and spend time getting to know new people, and also working with all of the local businesses,” he listed as added benefits. “Having my own business is much more flexible with my family.”

As his business continues to grow, Dundee sees the very real possibility of hiring his own employees some day. He even has thoughts of adding a cleaning service to his handyman services, broadening his array of services even further.

“Since I have started my business, I have been questioned about the services I provide,” Dundee said. “There is nothing that I won’t do, or try to do. From fixing a doorknob, to a full basement remodel, if there is a service you are questioning if I can do or not, don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

Curtis Handyman Service is available 24 hours a day. For help with any project call 563-568-8079.

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