“Star Trail” over the Mississippi River near Lansing ...

 Bruce Ferguson of San Diego, CA created this “Star Trail” photo and submitted it to The Standard for publication consideration. Ferguson and his two brothers and their families, all from the San Diego, CA area, were visiting their parents who live in La Crosse, WI and the entire family rented a houseboat from S&S Houseboat Rentals in Lansing to “cruise the Mississippi for a few days” in late August. Ferguson explained that the images used to create this photo were taken while the boat was anchored at the sand bar in the main channel of the Mississippi River where the family spent its final night on the houseboat, just to the north of the Black Hawk Bridge in Lansing seen in the photo’s bottom right corner. Ferguson said he used a Canon 70D digital camera and a timer set up on a tripod to take photos every 15 seconds for a couple of hours around midnight. He then used Photoshop to merge the photos together to create the time lapse effect of the “Star Trail” image above.

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