ALERT! Local law enforcement advises of use of Snapchat app to solicit nude photos

Wednesday, September 19, the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an individual attempting to solicit nude photographs of young females in the area through the social media app “Snapchat”. The suspect reportedly initiates contact through the messaging feature on the “Snapchat” app and gives a false name that the potential victim may know through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, and requests the potential victim to send nude photographs of themselves through the “Snapchat” app. This suspect has attempted contact with numerous potential victims in the area. The “Snapchat” account being used is dylan3404dj and the suspect is using the names Chris or Dylan. This activity is being directed toward high school-aged persons. This incident is under investigation by the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office and Waukon Police Department. The Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind people to keep their private information off social media and to know who they are communicating with at all times when using social media. Do not accept friend requests or open information from someone who is not familiar. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children the dangers of putting private information or personal photos on social media sites.

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