Lansing City Council hears update on proposed splash pad project among variety of other items during regular session

by Macie Hill

The regular session of the Lansing City Council was held Monday, December 3. Discussion centered around the Fehr Graham engineering agreement for the Clear Creek Sewer Project, a sewer line bill regarding two Main Street businesses, the Northern Engraving Well, a wireless squad car system, a splash pad update and a Marina Board update.

The council approved the motion for an engineering agreement with Fehr Graham regarding an additional $32,000 engineering fee for completion of the Clear Creek Sewer Project.

The council was advised that T.J. Hunter’s Banquet Hall and the Century Link building’s private sewer line had a blockage that was professionally resolved recently. The $800 bill for the project will be sent to T.J. Hunter’s Banquet Hall owner Jason Drape, and the two property owners will negotiate what amount of the bill owners of the Century Link building will pay.

It was reported that Cahoy Pumping Service will be capping the Northern Engraving well for the amount of $11,206.50. The Lansing Police Department will be adding a squad car wireless system to aid in the operational use of a computer program for the amount not to exceed $600.

Representatives from the Parks Board were present at the meeting and explained that the board has $17,000 out of the total $70,000 needed for the construction of the proposed splash pad. The board is confident that it will have to pay no out-of-pocket money to complete the project with the help of fundraising and grants.

The Marina Report minutes stated, “Fred Mathews made a motion, seconded by Dave Zach, to not have any more trees planted in the marina per article #222 of the City Code.”

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