ACSD Middle School wraps up August summer program with theater and learning about impacts of smoking ...

The 10th Hour Middle School August summer program in the Allamakee Community School District (ACSD) finished up with two weeks of fun-filled and educational activities. Students took a trip to the Rising Star Theatre in Dubuque to see “Beauty and the Beast” performed by young actors and actresses. In admiration of that performance, students spent the next week preparing for their own play called “Back to the Summer.” They worked on developing their costumes and props, and rehearsing their lines, before production on the last day of class.

Students took a break from their drama preparation and practice to be visited by Kelly Loberger, a medical student from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Loberger is spending the summer working with physicians at Gundersen Clinic in Decorah and gave a lesson to the class about the effects of smoking on health.

Students made model lungs from plastic bottles and balloons (as pictured at right) and learned about how lungs work to bring oxygen into their bodies. The group talked about all the bad chemicals that tobacco smoke contains, and that those chemicals damage the lung tissue, making it difficult to breathe.

Loberger covered a lot of information about the effects of secondhand smoke, the increased risk of cancer and heart attacks, and that nicotine causes a powerful addiction.

The group also talked about electronic cigarettes and vaping, and how they are still harmful to health although their candy-like flavors make them seem harmless. The students were very engaged during this health lesson and shared their own knowledge about tobacco.

The health lesson was wrapped up with a conversation about school and career aspirations. Loberger talked about her path to medicine, and the students shared their plans about college and future professions. The 10th Hour Middle School very much appreciates all those who volunteer and the students who participate. Submitted photo.

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