Market Study taking place to explore the future of downtown Lansing

What does the future hold for downtown Lansing? Community residents and business persons still have a chance to chime in as part of the Downtown Lansing Market Study project being orchestrated by Main Street Lansing.

Andy Kelleher, Main Street Lansing Executive Director, said a special project team assembled by Main Street Lansing initiated work on the project last month. Main Street Lansing, the local non-profit group spearheading downtown Lansing revitalization efforts, is performing the study to fine-tune and enhance downtown business development and marketing strategies. Kelleher said the study will include an in-depth analysis of input collected from local business and consumer surveys to be conducted throughout the month of August.

Components of the study, scheduled for completion this summer, include business and consumer surveys designed to identify and assess opportunities for business expansion and recruitment in the downtown business district, and recommendations for the implementation of related projects and activities.

For more information about the study and opportunities to participate, contact Kelleher at 563-538-9229 or

Final week to complete survey for market study

Main Street Lansing is currently undergoing a market study, and input is needed from locals, tourists and business owners. Anyone who has ever stepped foot in Lansing is invited to provide input through a survey being conducted during the month of August.

Individuals are invited to take ten minutes (or less) to complete a simple survey and help improve downtown Lansing. Survey insights and suggestions will be used by Main Street Lansing to fine-tune strategies to enhance downtown Lansing.

The survey will only be available until August 30, so participants are urged to act now to complete the survey, and also encouraged to invite others to participate. The survey can be found at the following link:

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