Fall Clean-Up scheduled for October 8 at Lansing City Council meeting

by Alexis Johnson

The Lansing City Council meeting was held Tuesday, September 3 due to the Labor Day holiday falling on the council’s usual Monday meeting date. The discussion centered around the adoption of the consent agenda, citizen’s action, People Service update, marina board and fall clean-up.

The consent agenda consisted of council minutes for August 19, payment claims, Marina Board minutes from August 26, considering the transfer of $4,534.40 from trust funds savings to general checking account to cover splash pad expenses, liquor license for the Lansing Fire Department event September 12, Library Board minutes from July 23 and the library director’s report from August 2019. A motion was made and seconded to approve the adoption of the consent agenda.

A motion was made to consider the driveway permit for 225 Knoll Street. A motion was also made and seconded to approve Resolution #924 waiving the right to review the Matthew Garrett plat. Fall clean-up has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 8.

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