Letter to the Editor: What can be done?

To the Editor:

On or about October 15, my husband and I were leaving an eating establishment in downtown Waukon. Our vehicle was parked on the south side of Main Street, and it was about 7:15 in the evening.

As we started pulling from our parking space, I looked in my side mirror, and coming down the street from the Post Office direction was a kid on a skateboard, coming full tilt in the roadway.

It was just getting dark and the skateboarder was wearing dark clothing so hard to see. If I wouldn’t have looked in my side mirror, he would have hit us, which would have been bad at the speed he was going.

He continued down the road and turned and went down Spring Avenue. I’m sure he probably was thinking the new streets are perfect for the ride.

This isn’t the first instance I have observed this sort of occurrence since the new surface has been put on the streets. Kids on bikes doing the same thing this kid was doing on his skateboard.

What can be done?

Shirley and Robert Schulze
Concerned citizens of Waukon

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