Letter to the Editor: Musical revue

To the Editor:

Football is in the air; on the stage and on the field. Outstanding players in both are exciting fans of athletics and the performing arts alike at the Waukon High School.

Good News! The musical made a play for our hearts and won. Ethan Hooten as the BMOC (Big Man On Campus) Tom moved as a true hero. His love, Connie, was played winningly and wise by Oonagh Ahouse. Aislinn Goettel lit up the stage with her smile and flounce portraying the pixie Babe. Ryan VanderVelden excelled at physical comedy and vaudevillian mugging as he brought the underdog Bobby to life.

Denzel Decker made his character, Coach, convincing as he wooed the staid academic professor, Kenyon, played with verve by Madelyn Helgerson. Fine character performances came from Chase Boydston, Ashton Gallagher, Haillie Bresnahan and scene stealer Miann Barr. A special applause to flapper Alaina Gebel.

The dance numbers were the most athletic seen on a Waukon stage for a long time; Roaring ‘20s moves abounded. Costumes were spot on. The set provided multiple levels for story telling. A peppy pit kept the songs moving.

Despite opening night pauses, gaps and timidity, Waukon High School students delivered a fun, fast and great look at a youthful scene in the last century. Kudos to Sarah Bieber, Louise Wild, Adam Hooten and Jo Ann Sherman for their talent of bringing actors, singers and dancers out of our children.  I’m truly grateful to the administration and school board for continuing to put the performing arts in the curriculum that so benefits our students and community. Rah, Rah, Sis-Boom Bah!
Russ Hagen


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