Letter to the Editor: Be involved in the Iowa Caucus

To the Editor:

Sadly, only a very small percentage of Iowans caucus. It’s our only chance to be the first deciders of who might win the presidential primary vote. It’s our chance to influence the rest of the nation by being the first state to caucus. It’s also quite an education in our democratic process.

In order to caucus we meet Monday, February 3, doors opening at 6 p.m., at our precinct locations. (Watch The Standard for these locations.) We divide into presidential candidate preference groups, which sometimes means a lot of convincing, compromising, switching, and suspense, especially when there are so many candidates. It’s exciting!

After viable groups are chosen, delegates and alternates will be elected within these groups to represent their candidates at county, and then state conventions.

The Platform Committee will then present resolutions formulated by caucus attendees. This is our opportunity to put forward our major concerns (it’s especially helpful to formulate these ahead of time). Resolutions are approved by caucus members after opportunities to speak for or against resolutions. They will then be presented to the

County Convention Platform Committee. Talk about democracy in action!

The caucus is then adjourned and we can go home, proud of being a part of the democratic process. So please, put February 3 on your schedule. Make your voice count and caucus for your candidate!

Submitted hopefully,
Jill Stephenson

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