Letter to the Editor: Disapointed in decision to cancel parade

To the Editor:

John Ellingson, shame on you and the rest of the City Council. Your explanation in the March 18 edition of The Standard sounded like a bunch of naughty juveniles who had skipped school.

Do you really care about how many people you upset by your decision to cancel the parade? First of all, many people worked hard to get ready for this. Then all the people  that were going to be there to watch a parade, not a gathering in a building. There was a large bake sale to raise money for the Waukon High School Prom. And I mean a large amount of great baked goods. I know because I stopped in after church.

I also have watched all the talk from the Governor and many others on the coronavirus.

We didn’t see any reason for the council to take this action and to do it right before parade time. This has upset a lot of Waukon citizens and we will remember this.

We don’t think the mayor should be at fault for a City Council that has gone too far this time.

Betty Schwamman


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