Letter to the Editor: Combating racism

To the Editor:

If you are looking for ways to combat racism in our country, in addition to or instead of protesting in the streets, here are just some of the things you can do:

• Learn more about the issue through organizations such as the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. nmaahc.si.edu.
• Donate to organizations that help Black people. One such group is Color of Change, which helps register Black voters. You can read about it at Colorofchange.org.
• Help children grow up with a better understanding of the issue. You may find a list of books that are helpful in starting conversations on race at Embracerace.org.
• Participate in and support the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit that challenges racial and economic injustice. Bryan Stevenson, author of the book “Just Mercy” - now also a movie - founded this group, whose website is at eji.org.
• In Iowa, specifically, you could join Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement’s campaign to fight racial profiling. Did you know racial profiling is not illegal in Iowa? You can learn more by going to Iowacci.org and clicking on Campaigns, then Winning Racial Justice.

There are many organizations that would welcome your interest, participation and support. Find more through your favorite search engine. Please pick one or two and start participating in antiracism.

Ellen Modersohn

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