Allamakee County has one of lowest response rates to 2020 U.S. Census in the state of Iowa

Among lowest in the state ... The self-response rate of Allamakee County citizens for the 2020 census is among the lowest in the state of Iowa, according to information reported at As presented in the graphic above, the state of Iowa average self-response rate is 67.5% and as of Monday, June 15 the self-response rate for Allamakee County was listed at 54.0%, which ranks 97th out of Iowa’s 99 counties. Residents can complete their 2020 census online at, by telephone at 844-330-2020, or by mail by returning the census questionnaire mailed to households yet to respond starting in April of this year.

The 2020 U.S. Census has been underway since early spring this year, basically limited to self-reporting mode thus far due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With U.S. residents being invited via mail to complete the Census online, over the telephone or through the mail itself, Allamakee County ranks as one of the lowest counties in the state of Iowa in regard to self-response rate to that counting measure.

As of Monday, June 15, the state of Iowa average for self-response was listed at 67.5% overall, with Allamakee County’s response rate being listed at just 54.0%, which ranks 97th out of all of Iowa’s 99 counties. Only Ringgold County (53.3%) in southwest Iowa and Dickinson County (43.0%) in northwest Iowa have lower response rates from their residents. The last time the U.S. Census was conducted, in 2010, the state of Iowa response rate was 73%.

As one might expect with one of the lower response rates statewide, only one Allamakee County community ranks within the top half of response rates for the 928 Iowa communities listed as responding to this year’s census. Waukon’s 69.7% response rate ranks 249th out of those Iowa communities, with Harpers Ferry and its 12.2% response rate being on the other end of that spectrum, ranking 925th out of the 928 Iowa communities.

In between those two extremes for Allamakee County, New Albin’s 61.0% response rate ranks 573rd, Waterville ranks 626th with a rate of 59.4%, Lansing’s 48.5% ranks 819th and Postville ranks 846th with its rate of 45.1%. Neighboring communities such as Decorah rank as high as 93rd overall with a response rate of 74.5%, with Monona ranking 787th with a rate of 50.8%.

The U.S. Constitution mandates a census of the population every 10 years. Responding to the 2020 Census is easy, safe and important, and is key to shaping the future of communities. Census statistics are used to determine the number of seats each state holds in the U.S. House of Representatives and forms legislative district boundaries. They also inform how hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds are allocated by state, local and federal lawmakers to communities for public services and infrastructure like hospitals, emergency services, schools and bridges each year over the next 10 years.

The Census Bureau is strongly encouraging the public to respond to the 2020 Census online using a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The public can respond online or by phone in English or 12 other languages. There are also 59 non-English language guides and videos (plus American Sign Language) available on ensuring over 99% of U.S. households can respond online in their preferred language.

When responding, a person should respond for where they lived as of April 1, which is observed as Census Day, and include everyone who usually lives and sleeps in their home as of April 1, even if they were staying somewhere else temporarily. This includes relatives, friends, roommates and anyone else who lives and sleeps in the home most of the time - even children under age five and babies born on or before April 1. Find additional answers about “Who to Count” online at

Respondents can use the Census ID from their mailed invitation or provide their address when they respond. Then, they should make sure their friends, family and social networks know about the importance of responding and encourage them to complete their census. Responding now will minimize the need for a census taker to follow up and visit their home later this year.

The 2020 Census is open for self-response online at, over the phone by calling 844-330-2020, and by paper through the mail.

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