Change of pace from the race ...

Marylu and John Baker of Lansing recently noticed a bird which seemed unusual for their neighborhood and soon discovered that a racing pigeon had come calling. Marylu noticed a band on the pigeon’s foot and felt the need to find out where the pigeon belonged. The Bakers gave the pigeon water and food, and it seemed content to hang out on the deck of their home, except when it followed John into the house; it was obviously tame.

Friends of the Bakers joined in the search for its owner with some online-sleuthing. The band on its foot had identifying numbers and letters. By entering the information into one of the racing pigeon sites, the friend found the name of the pigeon loft: Tigre Loft in Madison, WI. The Bakers called the accompanying phone number and the lost was found. The owners were delighted to find that their bird was well. They told the Bakers, “Just feed and water it, and in a few days it will fly home. God bless you for taking care of our baby.” So far, the bird seems to be enjoying its vacation along the Mississippi. Submitted photo. Article by Susan Cantine-Maxson.

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